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Wedding Films

Our style is heartfelt and organic, whilst non-intrusive, with a story-telling documentary orientation. Our aim is to capture all the natural, intimate moments and the raw emotion that comes with them, as well as capturing Auntie Enid breakdancing after the first dance - because who wouldn't want to remember that?!

Unlike many filmmakers, we put as much emphasis on filming family members as we do the bride and groom in our feature films. Why? Because we believe seeing their loved ones enjoying their day matters to our couples. In 20 years they want to see their parents, grandparents and siblings frozen in time on this amazing occasion, rather than just an insta-worthy film focusing solely on them. If this sounds like you, and we hope it does, then you're probably in the right place!

We've shot everything from boho weddings with flower crowns to anime themed, beards to clean shaven, Hindu to Humanist, non-traditional to traditional, budget to high-end, and everything in between. We've even filmed a surprise wedding where the guests thought they were attending an engagement party! Whatever your style, we are all in with bells on. And then some.

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