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Hi, I'm Laura

A camera-obsessed, baking-loving, wanderlusting Photographer & Filmmaker.

I live in South Wales with my husband Andy

(sidekick and pro editor extraordinaire),

daughter Maggie and dog Orla.


I enjoy nothing more than baking a pecan pie,

drinking a really good decaf coffee (they do exist) and watching a great documentary

(or Love Island, 90 Day Fiance, Married at First Sight...).

I consider an occasional Sunday brunch to be one of life's necessities,

and follow a million home renovation accounts on Instagram.


I am an absolute sucker when it comes to a good love story and have adored being a tiny cog in the wedding machine since 2013. I started out professionally by doing family photography and creating wedding films. I love the intimate family-only registry dos as much as the massive blowout weddings, but the more emotionally entwined the two of you are the better. I love Love.

Count me in.

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